Marlin Gas Services provides virtual pipeline solutions for utilities seeking supplemental gas during curtailment, enabling local distribution companies (LDCs) to meet their increasing and fluctuating capacity requirements as well as expansion of services within their franchise areas. Marlin Gas Services also offers emergency repairs to help natural gas companies avoid customer interruptions and system “re-lights.” Learn more about our extensive service capabilities below.

Peaking Service

Marlin Gas Services can provide CNG peak shaving supply and services that will enable your utility to avoid interruptions and the need for switching to back-up fuel.

Examples include:

  • Winter-only peaking shaving services
  • Long-term CNG supply for off-grid customers
  • CNG to help support or expand a utility’s existing customer base
  • Operational support

Baseload Service

Marlin Gas Services offers baseload service to utilities. Also referred to as “bridge utility” service, this allows a utility to begin servicing remote customers while developing the demand over time until it reaches a point where a permanent pipeline solution becomes economically viable.

Marlin can provide end-to-end project management for any gas supply project. Marlin can assist with project development, testing, and analysis. Our staff can provide tailored solutions to any gas delivery project, no matter the location.


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Our Commitment to Safety

Marlin Gas Services’ OQ trained staff and comprehensive safety training ensures the safety of your facility and your employees. Our Company maintains a perfect safety record, with no OSHA recordable accidents or other safety incidents over the life of Marlin. We also offer 24/7/365 monitoring through a satellite GPS system that sends continuous measures of pressure, temperature, CNG volume and location.

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