Kevin Webber

Kevin Webber

Senior Vice President, Unregulated Energy Delivery and Business Development

Kevin was promoted to Senior Vice President of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation in 2019. He joined the Company in 2010 and since that time has served as President of Florida Public Utilities Company, as well as Vice President of Gas Operations and Business Development for the Florida business unit. Kevin oversees the Company’s propane operations, combined heat and power operations (CHP), mobile compressed natural gas (CNG) utility and pipeline solutions, and business development across the Company.   Prior to joining the Company, Kevin was General Manager of TECO Partners and Director, Marketing and Energy Conservation for Tampa Electric. 

Kevin is active with the American Gas Association and is a founding member of the National Council for Responsible Energy. He has more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry.

Kevin M. McCrackin

Assistant Vice President of Business Development and Vice President, Marlin Gas Services

Kevin was appointed Assistant Vice President of Business Development for Chesapeake Utilities Corporation and Vice President of Marlin Gas Services in May 2020. He joined Chesapeake in 2018 as Director of CNG and LNG for the Company. Kevin is responsible for overseeing Marlin Gas Services and the coordination of various business development activities throughout the Company.

Prior to joining the Company, Kevin was Vice President of Fortress Investment Group (New Fortress Energy) where he identified and developed LNG plants; midstream and gathering pipelines and processing; CNG transportation and LNG transportation services and technologies; and distributed generation. Kevin also previously served as Vice President of Utility Marketing at AGL Resources where he was responsible for the utility marketing and sales, business development, midstream development, market research, CNG/Natural Gas Vehicle, CNG station maintenance and emerging technologies across the seven utilities that made up AGL’s Distribution Operations.