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About Natural Gas

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is natural gas fuel that has been compressed to less than 1% of its volume (at standard atmospheric pressure). CNG is essentially like pipeline natural gas, except that it is stored under very high pressure. CNG should not be confused with LNG, RNG, LPG, or other fuel types.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is natural gas that is cooled to the temperature at which natural gas becomes a liquid, which is about -260 degrees Fahrenheit. LNG is cooled to a liquid state for the purpose of shipping and storage. This process makes it possible to transport natural gas to places pipelines do not reach and to use natural gas as a transportation fuel.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is the creation of pipeline quality natural gas from waste streams, including animal and human sludge, food waste, wood waste and other types of waste. RNG is used by the agricultural industry and other markets that have difficulty supporting the significant pipeline network and therefore require a mobile natural gas fuel solution. RNG is also the first renewable fuel in the world made entirely from organic waste.

Marlin Gas Services provides a complete 100% turnkey solution. Marlin Gas Services supplies CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) and RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) solutions to local gas utilities, pipeline companies, industrial facilities, and other markets throughout the U.S. We build on safely and reliably delivering portable natural gas for pipeline support. We fulfill a unique niche, helping our customers eliminate interruptions caused by pipeline integrity testing or emergencies.

The Virtual Pipeline

A virtual pipeline is a solution for bringing natural gas to locations where, for multiple possible reasons and/or conditions, traditional pipelines are not available.

There are many advantages of a virtual pipeline. Whereas natural gas pipelines take years to permit and build, a virtual pipeline solution can be mobilized and setup for service quickly. (Marlin Gas Services is uniquely equipped to do this in as little as 24 hours, while competing companies require 6-18 months.) Natural gas virtual pipeline service also compares favorably to delivered fuel oil and propane in that natural gas is more affordable.

Virtual pipelines are extremely safe. The companies that provide virtual pipeline solutions are committed to ensuring the highest level of safety. Many combine proven, decades old technology with the newest and most advanced equipment, including patented proprietary technology. Virtual pipeline operations also work closely with the local Authorities having jurisdiction, and adhere to the guidelines outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT).

Virtual pipelines are generally utilized in areas where the market is too small or remote to justify the capital costs of a pipeline, or as a means to deliver to off-grid, large-scale natural gas customers. Marlin Gas Services has over two decades worth of experience bringing energy services to these types of markets on both a temporary and permanent basis. We offer extensive service capabilities for the gas utility and pipeline sector, among many other markets, eliminating the need for a pipeline connection at the locations that need it. Allows a utility to start servicing a remote customer(s) and while developing the demand over time until it reaches a point where a permanent pipeline solution becomes economically viable.

About Marlin Gas Services

Marlin Gas Services is one of the country’s leading providers of virtual pipeline solutions. Marlin Gas Services brings clean, affordable natural gas to locations that do not have access to pipeline gas.

Marlin Gas Services supplies CNG, LNG and RNG solutions to local gas utilities, pipeline companies, industrial facilities, and other markets in the Southeast and other parts of the U.S. The company’s current customers include local distribution companies, municipal gas companies, intrastate and interstate pipeline companies, natural gas producers, manufacturers and large industrial customers.

Marlin Gas Services will quickly, safely and reliably deliver natural gas to your facility using our mobile natural gas delivery service. We support our customers through every step of the CNG, LNG or RNG fuel conversion process to ensure they realize the cost savings, increased efficiency and environmental benefits that are the cornerstone of using natural gas as an alternative energy source. Committed to efficient service, innovation and safety, we have built an impressive track record launching successful projects and mobilizing unique fuel solutions far more quickly than competing companies.

We can proudly say that Marlin Gas Services’ safety record is the best in the industry. Our Company maintains a perfect safety record, without a single safety incident to date. Rely on our mobile natural gas delivery service to safely and reliably deliver natural gas to your facility.

Marlin Gas Services takes many stringent measures to ensure safe operations. As a niche provider of emergency repairs and pipeline integrity services, Marlin Gas Services built its foundation on safely and reliably delivering portable natural gas to eliminate interruptions caused by pipeline maintenance or emergencies. Our drivers are OQ trained, in addition to being HAZMAT and tankers endorsed. We carry one of the largest inventories of mobile high-pressure equipment, which helps us respond more rapidly to emergency situations. We also offer our customers 24/7/365 monitoring and support, which enables us to respond in real-time, further ensuring a safe and constant supply of natural gas at your location.


Marlin’s jumbo tube trailers hold a gross capacity of 166,000 cubic feet also expressed as 166 MCF of natural gas. Usable capacity depends on pressure requirements. Typically, 140 MCF is available. In addition, Marlin has recently began purchasing composite trailers to provide greater volume and flow when required.

Marlin’s jumbo steel tube trailers can be filled up to approximately 3,000 psi and its newer composite trailers can be filled to approximately 3,600 psi.

Marlin provides regulation to reduce the pressure from the jumbo tube trailers to delivery pressures anywhere from inches of water column (w.c.) to over 900 psi. You pick the delivery pressure.

Marlin can meet your volume requirements. From small volumes of 5,000 to 160,000 cubic feet in a single delivery up to 2 million cubic feet per day with deliveries from multiple trailers. One of Marlin’s portable CNG compressors can be located at a nearby pipeline to refuel trailers and shuttle them to your required location.

From small flow rates required by a small subdivision, a small restaurant to flow rates of 1 to 2 million per day at an industrial end user or city gate are not unusual for Marlin.

Marlin’s flow rate is only limited by the number of trailers provided and the size of compression available to refill the trailers. One of Marlin’s portable CNG compressors located at a nearby pipeline can refuel trailers and shuttle them to your required location.

Our Commitment to Safety

Marlin Gas Services’ OQ trained staff and comprehensive safety training ensures the safety of your facility and your employees. Our Company maintains a perfect safety record, with no OSHA recordable accidents or other safety incidents over the life of Marlin. We also offer 24/7/365 monitoring through a satellite GPS system that sends continuous measures of pressure, temperature, CNG volume and location.

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