A full-service solution provider, Marlin Gas Services provides a range of virtual pipeline services to local distribution companies (LDCs), municipal gas companies, intrastate and interstate pipeline companies, large industrial customers, and other markets. Marlin Gas Services provides custom turnkey solutions – and utilizes unique, proprietary equipment – to meet the needs of each customer. Additionally, we are constantly innovating new technology and refining our services to serve new and different markets within the U.S. Explore the potential for Marlin Gas Services to supply virtual pipeline services to meet your needs.

Emergency Services

Marlin Gas Services provides extensive emergency services, allowing us to safely and immediately respond to most emergency and supply interruption scenarios.

Utility Gas Supply

Marlin Gas Services specializes in meeting the specific needs of any size gas company to supply mobile fuel solutions whenever pipeline gas is unavailable or cannot meet customer requirements.

Temporary Fuel Supply

We operate not only on an emergency services basis, and provide utility gas supply solutions, but we also provide temporary fuel supply for a variety of different markets.

Pipeline Integrity

Marlin Gas Services has extensive experience and expertise serving pipeline companies due to pipeline integrity testing allowing gas flow to remain uninterrupted. We also respond rapidly to unexpected interruptions.

Industrial Services

Our Company supplies large industrial markets with natural gas supply on-demand when pipeline service is interruptible, curtailed or completely unavailable in remote locations.

Fleet Fueling

Marlin has the ability to provide fleet fueling services for a variety of situations and applications with natural gas as a vehicle fuel.

Pipeline Emissions Services

Marlin Gas Services offers commercial alternatives to pipeline flaring or pipeline blowdowns, while mitigating emissions from midstream natural gas infrastructure.

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