Marlin Gas Services provides virtual pipeline solutions that utilize liquefied natural gas (LNG). For regions which are too distant from end-use markets to be connected by a pipeline, LNG is an alternative solution for these areas.

What is LNG

LNG is produced by cooling purified natural gas to -260 F (-162 C), which converts the gas to a liquid. In this liquid state, the volume is reduced by almost 600%.

During the liquefaction process, natural gas is cooled below its boiling point, removing most of the extraneous compounds found in the fuel. This process enables the LNG to be transported safely and efficiently to customers who do not have access to natural gas pipelines and to use natural gas as a transportation fuel.

LNG must be kept at cold temperatures, so it is stored in double-walled, vacuum-insulated pressure vessels. Typically used in medium and heavy-duty vehicles, LNG is optimal for fleets that require a longer range because liquid is denser than gas, and more energy can be stored by volume in a given tank.

Benefits of LNG

LNG provides a fuel for constrained areas. Uses same as CNG. Peak Shaving – can store an enormous amount of energy in a small space.

  • Nontoxic, noncarcinogenic, and noncorrosive, which means that groundwater contamination is never an issue
  • Efficient for maintaining operations during pipeline repairs and maintenance of gas infrastructure
  • Increases markets for natural gas use in areas where natural gas pipelines are not feasible or are not available
  • Cost–effective for commercial and industrial users who are not connected to a gas network
  • Utilized in the transportation sector, including transit fleets, high-horsepower, off-road sectors
  • The liquefaction process removes abnormalities in the fuel, allowing the gas that is burned to be only methane.
  • Evaporates rapidly, leaving no residue in soil or water which means nothing would remain in the event of a spill
  • Natural gas fueled vehicle emits 20% to 29% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a comparable gasoline or diesel fueled vehicle on a well-to-wheel basis


Marlin Gas Services is procuring LNG equipment to deploy mobile LNG solutions for customers’ needs, and to support supply, high flow requirements of larger diameter pipelines, LNG peak shaving services and large industrial applications.

By providing small-scale distributed LNG production, Marlin Gas Services can expand the reach of LNG infrastructure, and deliver LNG for immediate consumption.

Our Commitment to Safety

Marlin Gas Services’ OQ trained staff and comprehensive safety training ensures the safety of your facility and your employees. Our Company maintains a perfect safety record, with no OSHA recordable accidents or other safety incidents over the life of Marlin. We also offer 24/7/365 monitoring through a satellite GPS system that sends continuous measures of pressure, temperature, CNG volume and location.

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