Marlin Gas Services provides mobile natural gas solutions to gas utilities, pipeline companies and industrial markets across the U.S.. The case studies below are just a few of the many successful virtual pipeline projects completed by Marlin Gas Services.

Island, GA

Case Study

During the week before Christmas, Marlin Gas Services received an emergency call from a southeastern natural gas utility involving a natural gas service to shut down to all of Hutchinson Island, across the river from Savannah. We responded rapidly and employing extensive expertise in emergency situations, Marlin Gas Services was able to quickly restore gas service to the customers on Hutchinson Island. Marlin will also continue to maintain dependable gas delivery to the community for as long as needed going forward.

“It means that business goes on as usual. Restaurants are open, everybody has heat . . . there will be absolutely no disruption.”

Ken Baker

Holden, LA

Case Study

Marlin Gas Services supported a southeastern natural gas pipeline integrity project, providing constant gas flow to its customer base while the month-long scheduled integrity testing was being conducted. This service ensured continued, uninterrupted gas service to residential and commercial customers for the duration of the testing project.

“We train the drivers on Operator Qualification (OQ) training and therefore they’re allowed to engage with pipelines and valves and interact with those directly rather than have to let the utility do all the management of what has to happen.”

Kevin McCrackin
Vice President, Marlin Gas Services and Assistant Vice President of Business Development for Chesapeake Utilities Corporation

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